TX Dream Garage

Attached Garage

Country United States
State / Providence Texas
Number of Car Garage
3 Car Garage
Garage Levels
1 Level
Dimensions 25L x 44W x 13T (Feet)
Main Ceiling Height 13ft
Garage Purpose Car Storage, Bar / Mancave, Storage, Workshop
Garage Build
Self Built 
Building Style
Stick Built
12 x Linmore LED High Performance High Bay, 5000K, 3 ParaBars™, 110 Watts, Dimmable
Polished stained concrete
Spray insulation/drywall
Stucco, composite tile roof
Mechanical Room
Unique Features
Mini Split HVAC, polished stained concrete floors, garage door access in rear to the backyard, attached storage area for car parts, bikes, larger tools, multiple wall and ceiling mounted 220v outlets for lifts and EV's, LED lighting
Primary goal: something larger than a standard 2 car garage where I could swing my doors open with reckless abandon. Real estate is pricey in this part of Texas, so I was limited by lot size and building costs. I still had to fit a pool, backyard space, and a pesky attached house. Otherwise, I would have gone larger. As it stands, there's 1125 sqft of polished concrete floor space (+storage area) with 13' ceilings that can easily accommodate 4 post lifts I can walk under without ducking. Separate 10' x 10' doors (as opposed to one large and one small door) is more aesthetically pleasing and still allows a large/wide pickup to fit easily. Texas summers are brutal, so insulation and HVAC were mandatory to temper the heat. To expand on the floor space, there is a passthru garage door that opens up to the backyard and pool which is great for entertaining. Twelve 5000k LED light fixtures provide approximately 110 foot candles of light. i had room for either a small lounge or work area in the back; I chose the latter with a sink, bench and cabinets. A few pieces of automotive art are scattered across the white walls. Integrated speakers provide audio and the space is prewired for video should I ever get to that.

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