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Welcome to Detached Garage!

"Let's fill the WORLD with more AWESOME garages!" - Detached Garage

My passion is helping enthusiasts navigate the complex process of designing, building, and upgrading their garage. Garages are a big investment, and people can often get overwhelmed with the all the decisions they need to make. Follow along with my personal garage build, and let us help design, build, and upgrade your garage project! 

Are You In The Right Place?

Have you spent hours on end trying to find examples of the garage vision that is in your head? Have you dreamed of building or upgrading your perfect garage? Do you want to see the world filled with more awesome garages? 
You are in the right spot!

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Our Story

What started as a dream to document my personal garage build in order to help others with their own garage builds, has turned into a mission to help fill the world with as many awesome garages as possible! I created the Garage Gallery so people can get inspired and learn from others who have gone before them in their garage builds and upgrades. 

We all start somewhere, so don't hesitate to ADD your garage to the garage gallery and help inspire others in this awesome garage community.

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Showcase Your Work

You've worked hard on your garage. Show other people what you've accomplished.

Educate Others

We all start somewhere. Help spread your garage knowledge.

Get Inspired

Whether you are just starting your search for inspiration, or are a seasoned garage pro. Our garage gallery has something for everyone.

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Check Out My Own Garage Build

If you’re thinking of starting a garage build of your own, but just don’t have a clue on how to start, then fear not!
Click the button down below and read how I step by step built my own garage build. 


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