Austin's 30x70 Attached Garage

Attached Garage

 Name Austin
Country United States
State / Providence Alabama
Number of Car Garage
4 Car Garage
Garage Levels
Dimensions 30L x 70W x 12T (Feet)
Main Ceiling Height 12ft
Garage Purpose Car Storage, Workshop, Car Wash/Detailing
Garage Build Hired Contractor  
Building Style
Stick Built
18500 Lumen Commercial Electric LED High Bay lights
Eagle Gloss Coat concrete sealer with Racedeck Free Flow tiles
Drywall w/ painted concrete block stem wall
James Hardie Siding, GAF Architectural shingle roof
Mechanical Room
Exposed 60 gallon air compressor, PTAC Heat Pump w/ backup heat strips, dedicated electrical panel
Custom designed and built 2000 square foot attached garage. The garage has three 18'x8' insulated garage doors on a high lift track with Liftmaster 8500W side mount openers. The garage is split into two sections, one parking section that is 29' L x 45' W x 12'T and a 29'L x 25' W x 12'T wash bay/workshop. The parking garage is still a work in progress but it includes sealed concrete floors, a level 2 EV charging station, Jeep hardtop hoist, Jeep door hangers, rolling 72" workbench and oversized storage cabinet. We are planning to add Racedeck Free Flow tiles flooring and more Husky cabinets at some point. The wash bay/workshop includes a floor drain, Racedeck Free Flow tile flooring, custom Active VE52 wall mount pressure washer system, 60 gallon air compressor with 50' auto-retract hose reel, custom stainless steel fold down workbench, 24x36" stainless steel shop sink, Husky cabinet array with stainless worktop, matching 56" Husky toolchest, Vyper Robust Steel Pro chair and more. We are planning to add a full rise scissor lift later this year. This garage was designed to be a functional and fun place to store, detail and work on all of my cars. We have future plans to build a 40x60 detached workshop to house all of mechanical projects and provide extra parking. At that point the attached workshop will become a dedicated wash bay.
Unique Features
My garage is awesome and fits my needs so well. I just wanted a box with no customization. I built this myself with design plans bought from the Detached Garage website. I am very happy on how my garage came out!
IG: @graners_garage
Photographer's IG: @graners_garage




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