Andrew's Garage Condo

Garage Condo

Name Andrew
Country United States
State / Province Wisconsin
Number of Car Garage
5+ Car Garage
Garage Levels
1 Level
Dimensions 50L x 30W x 20T (Feet)
Main Ceiling Height 20ft
Garage Purpose Car Storage, Bar / Mancave, Storage, Workshop
Garage Build
Hired Contractor 
Building Style
Metal Building Garage Condo
Standard high bay shop lights
Custom color epoxy flooring with blue flake
Drywall w/ corrugated metal
Metal Siding, Metal Roof
Mechanical Room
Natural gas heater
Unique Features
Attached Bathroom/ kitchenette/ Smartphone controlled colored LED lighting
My garage is located in a once primarily industrial/ business park. I was a new development by two real estate speculators who also enjoyed cars. Concept was to bring together like minded individuals who looked out for each other and required the need for additional space for recreation or storage. No business are permitted to run from our community. Inside features a 50 X 30 X 20 ft spaced with large garage door to match! Most units have space for eight cars without stacker style lifts. One major bonus is an onsite private bathroom to make it true man cave. Small upgraded include a kitchenette and industrial sink for when you finish working on your dream cars. In the middle of it all is my home theater set up featuring a 75in TV w/ surround sound. In addition to storing cars is serves as a perfect hang out space to grille out with friends and family. Truly a dream garage!
IG: @andrewsquire18
Photographer's IG: @thousandclicksmke




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